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At Just Jakes Design we not only provide web design services, we also offer a range of SEM, PPC and digital marketing services.

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 The process of optimising a website for organic search referrals is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With so many businesses competing on the search engines for customers to visit their site instead of the site of their competitors, it extremely import to rank well on search terms or keywords representing your business.

In essence you will use good SEO practices to drive more traffic to your website. Your site will need to be properly optimised for both desktop and mobile devices, not only for rankings on search engines, but also for your user experience.

We can help drive more traffic to your site with SEO strategies.

Studies have shown that 64% of referral traffic to websites stem from organic search results from search engines.

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Google AdWords

All businesses have (or at least should have) a marketing and advertising strategy. The business sector is more competitive today than ever and it is becoming increasingly important to reach new customers.

The benefits of a well run Google AdWords campaign are:
1. It is measurable due to working on a PPC (Pay per click) system.
2. Adspend can be controlled based on your unique budget.
3. It is highly effective targeting users, for example geographic or demographic targeting can be achieved.
4. You can test effectiveness of ad campaigns (and make changes quickly) due to the metrics that google provides.
5. Websites also benefit from Adwords due to high search results achieved faster than with traditional SEO practices.

Let us assist you in creating a succesful AdWords campaign

80% of search results now contain AdWords ad placements and up to 85% of the above the fold area gets covered by AdWords.

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Social Media Management

All too often, business owners go into their social media blindly. They’re not strategic with their posts, they post whatever and whenever something comes to mind, and then they just leave it at that. 

Social media is an excellent marketing tool for your business, which means that it’s serious and you need to make sure that you’re doing it right.

If we want to have a successful social media strategy, We have to work on it and we need to plan, strategize and spend some time to make quality posts.

We can assist you in setting up your social media accounts or run them completely for you.


Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action. There is no magic formula.

We create amazing Webflow templates for creative people all around the world.

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